Labor Arbitration, Mediation and Fact Finding

Curriculum Vitae


  • National Academy of Arbitrators
  • American Arbitration Association
  • New York State Bar Association
  • Association for Conflict Resolution
  • LERA (formerly IRRA)


Fordham Law School, J.D., 1987
Hamilton College, B.A. Philosophy, 1984


Law     State of New York      1988
Law     District of Columbia 1990


Arbitrator, Mediator & Fact Finder.  Arbitrate and mediate labor and employment cases in private and public sectors. Fact Finding in private sector.

1996-Present: Part-time Instructor, Labor Relations Studies Certificate Program, Cornell University, New York State School of Industrial Labor Relations


Building Services; Chemicals; Communications; Construction; Education; Emergency Services; Energy; Federal Sector; Food (Manufacturing / Processing / Service); Governmental;  Health Care;  Hospitals / Nursing Home;  Machinery; Manufacturing; Office Workers / Clerical;  Organizations; Paper; Police & Fire; Real Estate;  Refrigeration / HVAC;  Sanitation; Transportation;  Trucking & Storage;  Utilities;  Warehousing


Alcohol Abuse;  Absenteeism;  Arbitrability;  Bargaining Unit Work;  Benefits;  Bumping;  Conduct (Off-Duty/Personal);  Demotion;  Disability;  Discipline (Non-Discharge);  Discipline (Discharge);  Discrimination – Age, Disability, Race, Sex, Religion, National Origin;  Drug/Alcohol Offenses;  Fringe Benefits – Bonus, Holidays, Insurance, Leave, Vacation;  Health/Hospitalization;  Hiring Practices;  Job Performance;  Job Posting/Bidding;  Layoffs/Bumping/Recall;  Management Rights;  Past Practices;   Promotion;  Retirement;  RIF;  Safety & Health Conditions;  Seniority;  Sexual Harassment; Subcontracting/Contracting Out;  Union Security;  Vacation;  Wages – (Holiday Pay, Job Classification & Rates, Overtime Pay, Vacation Pay);  Work Hours / Schedules / Assignments; Working Conditions / Work Orders;  Violence or Threats



  • AFT, AFL-CIO/New York State Education Department
  • TEACHNJ – New Jersey’s Statutory Teacher Arbitration
  • TWU Local 100 and Metropolitan Transit Authority/NewYork City Transit Authority
  • TWU Local 100 and White Plains Bus Company
  • Local 94 IUOE and various Employers
  • Local 74 USWU, IUJAT and ABM, Inc.; Local 74 USWU, IUJAT and Valley Stream UFSD
  • Local 670, RWDSU and various Employers
  • Local 355, USWU, IUJAT and various Employers
  • Local 455 USWU, IUJAT and various employers
  • Local 808, IBT/ Parkchester North Condominium, Parkchester South Condominium
  • Local 1 SPBA/ Parkchester North Condominium, Parkchester South Condominium
  • Parkchester Preservation Corporation and Local 808, IBT
  • Building Service Industry / SEIU Local 32BJ
  • New York City Exterminating Industry / SEIU Local 32BJ
  • Eastco / SEIU Local 32BJ
  • Nebraskaland / Local 202, IBT
  • Phoenix Labs / Local 202, IBT
  • Axelrod Management / Local 1 Special Patrolmens Benevolent Assn.
  • Trump Village Section 4 / Local 804, IBT



  • Federal Mediation Conciliation Services
  • American Arbitration Association
  • New Jersey Public Employment Relations Commission
  • National Mediation Board
  • New York State Public Employment Relations Board
  • New York City Office of Collective Bargaining
  • New Jersey State Board of Mediation



  • 117 LA 1382


FEES: Effective January 2015

PER DIEM FEE: $2,000        DOCKETING FEE: None      CANCELLATION FEE: (See below)

Per Diem Fee:  $2,000 for each day of hearing and each day of study

Cancellation Fee: of $2,000 if less than three weeks’ notice.

Travel Expenses:  Actual out-of-pocket expenses and car mileage.  Per diem fee for any portion of travel day up to eight (8) hours. (Not in NYC).


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